“God save us from Cupid”

I’m  absolutely certain about three things: that men and women are from different planets , that Cupid is a bastard and that all the good foods make you fat . 

Dio ci Salvi da Cupido eng
 Graphic by Federica

The first conviction stems from the fact that after 21 centuries of forced cohabitation on the Earth , men and women don’t have established a common language yet, neither with words nor with  signs .
For example to His question: “ Do you mind if Sunday I go to the stadium tumblr_msayr44iug1sodxjco1_500with my friends ?– She may answer “no it’s ok ” , but in reality what She means is: “ if you only dare, I’ll your manga figurines collection to fire. Sunday is our anniversary idiot!!!
And when She suggests to HimDear, I’d love you to meet my father drew-regret-thatHe answers bold:certainly sweeeety , I was about to suggest the same thing! ” , meaning :I hate you! How could you get me? How could you think I want to meet the man who will kill me for have slept with his princess! “.

So obvious.

21 centuries wasted.

The second certainty comes from a simple question that I think everyone should ask themselves sooner or later: why a guy who is drawn ugly, fat in the less appropriate part of his body, naked and grinning should help someone?


And the third, well, the third has been scientifically proved.


Returning to the second … I forgive the bastard: because as Jessica Rabbit said << I’m not bad … I’m just drawn that way >> and she is really hot. So let’s think of the poor Cupid.
My opinion is that  it’s for this reason: revenge, he enjoys a lot to make us gasp behind a person for days, weeks, months, even years! And then, once understood the fact that the person who we want will never love us, even if we walk barefoot in the snow singing “Jingle bells”, and then we let our idol fools to become a nothing … that’s the treacherous (better known as Cupid) sees us.
We wondered for months with the inscription to flashing yellow “HERE I AM” without a hint of life from the other, and now that we do not care anylonger … he/she is there for us.Or even worse.klaroline-seriously-klaus-and-caroline-34559168-245-200
Now that we are into another soul, which again is indifferent, again ignores us, and again makes us fall lower and lower in the hope of a sign from him, check the other.
Or what can come about? Option number 3: he / she sees you in time – very rare, but it can happen – and you’re still in love. The story starts and….. ends, immediately.
And you think: whaaaat?? I lost all that time and  love has already passed?
Another story, another round.
Such is life.

Somebody says that the best stories are the ones that you sweat more …. Those for which you don’t sleep at night, don’t eat, and all these useless, beautiful things of life … Because for ten moments when you want to kill your partner, there is one that takes your breath away. That it makes you feel so good, so good … that you would live just for that moment. A stupid thing? I do not know, but so it is. When we fall in love – or simply we like someone if we do not want to be heavy – we become stupid!
But whom should we blame?
Cupid ?!
It’s not his fault … he’s just drawn that way.


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