“Tuna Tartare, White Wine & Revenge”

The sea sparkling wave crests breaking on the rocks , the breeze that dangles the swings , children chasing each other with bucket and spade , the iodine smell on the warm skin ,
the happy lull of lazy rest of the summer , are the ideal setting for a terrace at sunset , a glass of Gewurztraminer , and a delicious fresh tuna tartare * , to be tasted on a comfortable wicket sofa on a terrace at sunset.

It would be the perfect scenery for a romantic evening , with a few citronella candles to avoid being eaten by tigers mosquitoes , but if you were to be the single case-hardened ( for yours or others choice) , then I have a fantastic alternative for you !
Perhaps because of the luxurious holiday location in the Hamptons , the TV series “ Revenge ” has always made me think of the Summer .

Very aloof the producer Mike Kelly , was inspired by the work of DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo – passionate novel which I will definitely talk about in the column dedicated to books- to tell on ABC , the story of the young Emily Thorne , apparently a rich holiday bored girl looking for a little interest for the long summer , that in fact is nothing but Amanda Clark , the daughter of David Clark , the man who the world believes being a terrorist but that was in reality caught by treacherous Graysons ten years before.
What immediately fascinated women me about this show is the fine tricks of the game between the two protagonist women : Emily / Amanda , 3120098443_1_7_lbz1eidwindeed, entrusted to the angelic face of that cupcake of Emily Vancamp, tumblr_lrj71var9d1r39lipo1_r1_500and Victoria Grayson , masterful performance by the sensual Californian actress Madeleine Stowe.

A long – three official seasons and one apocryphal– chess match involving two queens willing to sacrifice anyone just not to shrink , everyone , even the children , anyone, even the great love.
Two women bask in being different , but that in the course of the seasons we find more and more similar .

I pointed out that I think ” Revenge ” is composed by three official seasons and an apocryphal for a sentimental reason , being a screenwriter (yes I am, testified by two degrees and an insurance card for workers in the show! tze) I know that when you begin a project , although it is not known between the headlines and the tail what is supposed to  happen , you have in mind a definite end , and the intent is to get to that conclusion .
So when a director , a producer , a network or anyone asks you to ” string out” after you’ve showed the predetermined final , it never ends well. Kelly has always said that he wrote ” Revenge ” thinking of a trilogy , so the fourth season is a stretch .
For this reason for me the show ends with the episode 3×22 “Running . “[1]

The twists are not lacking , as well as condiments based on love triangles , scams , ingenious plans severely tested by feelings unprepared, backstabbing , improbable but necessary alliances, relations and resurrections.  tumblr_nc4oak7cfj1s664seo6_500A TV series which in my opinion should be enjoyed all in one go and that’s why I recommend you to start in the warm and relaxing ( at least in theory ) Season: Summer , equipped with sunscreen , wine glass and straw hat to alternate evenings in trendy bars with this juicy battle in which you’ll find yourself more than once in the unsteadiness between Emily and Victoria , because not everything is as it seems , life is not just black or white , everybody hidings a dark side ; but as well you’ll discover that the bad guys also have a soul … or can pretend very well to have it !
Who knows , you might learn a few tricks to use against someone who has made you suffer a lot …



3a_revenge eng
Graphic by: Federica

*Tuna tartare

( The recipe is from my favourite cook, my mom, Mena )

Ingredients for 4 people
– 450 grams of fresh tuna
-1 lime
– 1 untreated orange
– 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
– 1 bunch of arugula
– 1 zucchini
– Salt and Pepper To Taste.


The preparation of the tuna tartare is really simple, it is a fresh and very tasty dish , but be careful , we have to be sure to have a well- downed tuna fillet[2] .
We cut the tuna into small cubes and we dry the water fish with paper towels . In a bowl we empty the oil and squeezed lime, salt and pepper, we wash fine the orange from which we derive the zeist and juice , which we add to the bowl with the rest of the ” sauce “.
We immerse the tuna cubes in the marinade and let stand in the refrigerator . Aside we take the zucchini and cut them into thin slices , that we’re going to grill and let cool .
On a plate we  put the well-washed orange and zucchini to make even a decoration, then we take the tuna and using a coppa-pasta[3] we  give it the shape of a pie, which we will have at the center of the plate , and lastly  we dispense a bit ‘ of the remaining marinade on the tartare and we will be ready to serve and enjoy it.




But remember , revenge is a better dish if served cold … . like the tartare .



[1] The last episode aired is instead the 4×23 ” Two Graves ” .
[2] That is brought to low temperatures to prevent the parasite anisakis , for security we can leave it in the freezer for 48 hours .


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