“The best thing I could learn”


From school I learned that what you really learn are not the times tables or important dates but being with people you do not know and you really care about too little (or too much);
From tales I learned that there are bad guys but you can boycott them;
From volleyball I learned that the individual is strong but it is the group that makes the difference, that no matter how Mother Nature made you, but how you  bring out your grit, determination, strength, tenacity! ;
From the theater I learned that the real actors are all under the stage and that the best masks are the ones we wear every day. That if you believe in something you can make it happen. ;
From the reading I learned that if you know more than others you’ll always be one step ahead, and you will avoid the commonplace;
From the writing I learned that if you can think and express yourself you’ll never be a sheep;
From cinema I learned that with the right light and a good soundtrack even the toilet becomes poetic;
From TV I learned that everything is false, but nothing is totally fake, and I’m worried! ;
I learned that taking the game too seriously makes us ridiculous, that a healthy dose of peter pan syndrome never hurts;
From photography I learned that nothing remains as it was, everything flows, Heraclitus would say;

life-is-the-word-typographyThe university tought me that the world is unfair, but that’s not a good reason for you to adapt to it ! if you want something now you have to  get it. That running away is too simple, that studying will not be paid off but it makes me feel better compared to who has surrendered! ;
From the work I learned that there is always someone above you, and there’s always someone under you, if you know how to be respected byboth of them you are just great and you will make your way! ;
By foreigners I learned that “home is where you are at ease to do a poo”. ;
By the locals I learned that ” I am the only one who can criticize my house, if you do not like it you can do a poo in another place!”;
From social networks I have learned that there is a high dose of selfishness;
I learned from the media that “it is not the medium but the message” that makes the difference;
From children I learned that as long as there is no blood it is not a real wound;
From music I learned emotions;
From my family I learned that the pre-concepts, prejudices, pre-anything are always the big stupid, that you do not know unless you try. That mistake is not a crime, you have to know how to listen, no one should be discriminated (apart from those who do not read IGNORANT) that being strong and being bossy are different concepts. That “love” and “friendship” are empty words if we do not give them a meaning through our experiences, that there is not just one meaning! that we must always listen to others’ perspective but continue to think with our brain. That if you eat in two you eat also in three. That holding a grudge is  harmful to the liver than alcohol. That excesses are stupid. That there is always something to learn … and there is always something to never learn.

That despite having learned all this, I will continue to make mistakes … and that’s the best thing I could learn!



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