“Scream(ing) in the Summer”

The horror tumblr_n141rcaide1sl1yruo1_500has never been my favourite kind, but there has been a Summer during my teenage years when a series of such films stepped out and so I have seen them all, becoming almost a fan.

Rarely these stories make me really scared, insted their soundtracks leave  me with that sense of subdued anguish , but to be honest a few scenes let me also with sleepless nights.

Although not an expert I know the main rule:



so when I heard that they would have created a TV series from a horror saga I was very much intrigued. I find it already difficult to make the film sequel, but even a TV show? How?

Criticism and vaguely sceptical – for the cast of teenagers, for the genre, for the usual bad guy with the mask -, I arranged an energetic bowl of popcorn *, a nice glass of soda with ice and I sprawled on the couch activating the surround sound system.

After I ended the first season in five days, I have to admit that I had underestimated how the mix of music, good actors (I must confess) and semi-known story (I figured out who was behind the mask in mid-season but I wasn’t never bored!) can create suspense and transform the viewer in an addicted.
Although the story is very classic, it keeps the right amount of tension for a flawless photography direction  (occasionally let me boast of my studies) and adrenaline direction. The emmablood-1439320441real value of this new product is to provoke the viewers with more or less important scenes in the first part of each episode, then shocking them with twists, and more and more effects in the final minutes, encouraging you to watch the next episode.

Another perfect way to keep the attention at high levels has been to use technology and social media to create the right suspense. The killer is able to speak with his victims and start his challenge thanks to smart phones and videos and this makes the spectator very involved: any one of us could be spied with all these electronics machines nowadays.


No secret is safe!


Scream has been able to handle the challenge very well, it becomes impossible not to getattached to some of the characters and when you begin be suspicious of them the desire to continue, to figure out if they are implicated and how intentionally, increases.

For commercial reasons, the series doesn’t use the same Ghostface mask of the movies. After having weigh up various options, the authors have opted to use a kind of post-surgical mask covering the whole face, and that still looks like the original.


“The [new] mask itself plays a story element, and that is different from Scream the movie,” Weinstein said, “It ties in specifically to the story. The mask has an importance; it’s not a mask for mask’s sake.”


Currently the first two seasons are available on Netflix, but after the special Halloween 2016, there is a third and final (rumours) season made of six episodes.


Do not be fooled as I did thinking it’s just a teen drama because it is a series suitable for a Summer …………… screaming !!!


Tralie Graphic


– Choice of cheese (I recommend a sweet one)
– Sweet paprika
– Salt to taste.
– Popcorn



We put in a high temperature saucepan two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with the melted cheese; we add a teaspoon of paprika and mix well. Pour over popcorn and blend well with salt.

One thought on ““Scream(ing) in the Summer”

  1. L’ha ripubblicato su Thr0ugh The Mirr0re ha commentato:

    Currently the first two seasons are available on Netflix, but after the special Halloween 2016, there is a third and final (rumours) season made of six episodes.

    We are still waiting

    "Mi piace"


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