Classics: “William Shakespeare”

I understand a fury in your words / But not the words.


So: you are back. As every year. Not much can be done about it … Which is not even your fault, you didn’t choose to be proposed as the beginning of the end.
You didn’t choose to be a very long Monday. You certainly have not decided to have the responsibility to close the summer, or to start schools, universities, jobs. It is not your fault if the wind changes and brings sadness.  Had they given you at least the task of starting the year, as you actually do, you would have had the bulletin boards full of good intentions to throw away, of photos with hats and cotillons, a sense ….
Instead, you arrive as an unwanted yet expected guest, and every year we collide and you give me as many joys as pains.
And since you are now here at the door, this time I want to try to let you in without fear. I want to try to welcome you.

To say welcome back September.

And to show you that I have the best of intentions, I have decided to entrust to you my love for an immortal poet and for each of his works: Shakespeare.

There’s beggary in the love that can be reckoned


As a good woman of the theater, I cannot fail to consider every comedy, every tragedy and every sonnet a great classic from which anyone who came later has drawn, copied, drew inspiration or wanted to detach.

There are many rumors and legends about Shakespeare, but whether he really existed or not, whether he was a pseudonym or a real name, whether he wrote it all by himself or swiped here and there remains an indisputable fact: it must be read!

But which ones to choose? And when? And how?

All of them![1]

I know, it may seem madness, an insurmountable responsibility, but I would never be able to choose. Because for every period of life, for every season, for every mood, there is a suitable work, and everyone needs one or the other depending on the moment. I chose a rather simple way: the chronological one[2], I started when I was in high school and I’m still finishing … (keep in mind, however, that I have seen, interpreted or studied many tragedies and comedies), and each writing excites me as the first, I makes you believe that words really have power! Positive, curative, beneficial. And negative, cruel, ruthless.

Keep thy friend / Under thy own life’s key.


Words can kill, instigate terror and atrocious doubts, and at the same time they can save, make people fall in love, console.

What will surprise you is the contemporaneity of his works. In short, he wrote them between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but they seem to speak of our world, of our sentimental, social, political situations!

With Shakespeare you can travel, virtually sure, but also literally. Verona, Mantua, London, York, Denmark, Venice, Athens, Croatia…. I could remark another half a dozen places to visit work in hand, enjoying the local food and totally dipping yourself in the atmosphere chosen by the great Poet. Because each place has been carefully chosen as it is perfect for the plot, the characters, the progresses.

All the world’s a stage, / And all the men and women merely players


So sorry but I can’t say “read this” or “go and see this other”, because William Shakespeare has changed the way of understanding the theater, and perhaps even life, the dream, and continues to do so every day, and the the least that can be done is to honor him completely.

Travel, read, love, quote.

In any place and time.

Welcome back September, and let’s hope for the best.



One thought on “Classics: “William Shakespeare”

  1. L’ha ripubblicato su Through The Mirrore ha commentato:

    As a good woman of the theater, I cannot fail to consider every comedy, every tragedy and every sonnet a great classic from which anyone who came later has drawn, copied, drew inspiration or wanted to detach.

    "Mi piace"


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