Quarantine. In fact, forty[1] days have passed, and apart from the two times I went at the supermarket or to throw out the garbage, dressed halfway between a robber and the witch,, I spent the time at home.

#StayHome #staysafe

I miss traveling so much like water in the desert.

I miss work more than I miss people. Which perhaps does not say positive about me. The fact is that I work, no, I worked with between for people. People are, no they were, my job. So maybe it’s implied.

How to take this long, long time Well, of course, doing everything I couldn’t before for lack of … Time, time yes. This word will bore me. Good. I initially studied. I (re) started Spanish: uno, dos, tre, yo me llamo etc., which after 40 days I should be at least B1, instead I am an disobedient person who does not do homework and forgets false friends. False bad guys. I started studying business administration because it could be used for work (then I realized I no longer have a job, so goodbye. It’s there. Sooner or later I’ll be back eh).

I discovered (sensationally late) the (wonderful) 8D music !!!

Then I cleaned up. A lot. I skinned. The fact that the house was basically already quite clean and by dint of disinfecting in my opinion, in a while they will be able to have surgery on it.

I read. A lot. Finally dropping the pile of books that had grown as tall as me… Thriller, thriller, funny, historical books.

Feel free to video calls with people on other planets. Beautiful, beautiful, laughter, tears, at a safe distance. For hours. Or minutes. Who knows? The difference is no longer understood …

Then I resumed the TV series that I had accrued. Thriller, horror, funny, medical tv series. A lot of medical that was there from this period … The news was not enough.

Ah yes, I started watching the news again. One or two, then I immediately got nervous and follow the Ansa.

No, I haven’t cooked. I didn’t play sports. That is, I cooked to eat, but normally, no wild boar flan with cherries and reductions of Himalayan vinegars …

Video games. I almost crashed the pc because since it had two writing programs, graphics, etc., I pumped resolutions and definitions and I don’t know, I just know that enough!

All this the first three weeks.

Then I began to go crazy, I began to think “but what I get up to do, but what I get dressed to do, but what I eat, drink, read, write, video-call to do”.

Time, which was an ally, has become an enemy.

And the desire to give up, to stay in bed all day was strong, very strong. For those who, like me, have the so-called “pre-existing pathologies”, it is a moment to give them the victory.

But no. Even if it rains outside, even if there is no reason to spend my energy, I decide that I do it anyway. For those who perhaps would like to have had more time, even to throw away. Instead, it was stolen from him. And for me too. Because it’s my time and maybe tomorrow, in a year, I’ll regret not having any. To always be in a hurry, again. Ah how much I can’t wait to complain about not having time.

So yes, two more weeks, and who knows how much else. To spend time. And try to savor every second in which I can still do, say, think, complain….

What about you?

How are you? How are you spending this blessed TIME?

[1] In italian quaranta – quaranta giorni.


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