“happy ne year, in September”

Last year I wrote this:

And so, you’re back. As every year. Not much can be done about it … Which is not even your fault, you didn’t choose to be proposed as the beginning of the end.

You didn’t choose to be a very long Monday. You certainly have not decided to have the responsibility to close the summer, or to start schools, universities, jobs. It is not your fault if the wind changes and brings sadness.

Had they given you at least the task of starting the year, as you actually do, you would have had the bulletin boards full of good intentions to throw away, of photos with hats and cotillons, a sense ….

Instead, you arrive as an unwanted yet expected guest, and every year we collide and you give me as many joys as pains.

And since you are now here at the door, this time I want to try to let you in without fear. I want to try to welcome you.

To say welcome back.

Welcome back and let’s hope.

Usually on August 31st I celebrate New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s? In August?

Yes. What I call THE REAL NEW YEAR.

Because everything changes in September: last year I also moved !!

Although technically summer still lasts about twenty days, on August 31 we say goodbye, and we prepare for a long winter, full of news. Good or bad they are.

End of relaxation, end of games. Back to “normal”. However, between December 31st and January 1st, nothing changes.

It is September that the new cycle begins.

And then, usually, take a bottle of prosecco, two canapés, a few friends and go with good intentions.

But this year …

For the first time I look to September knowing that I have no idea what it might bring.

Will the schools open? And how? And when? And for how long?

Will we all go back to work? In attendance? In smart working? And when? And for how long?

What will become of summer loves? Will we go back to video calling friends to be able to see them? It’s already raining, the wind has already changed, yet you haven’t told us how. How should we change, September.

What a mess, September.

Therefore, towards the more hesitant prosecco than usual, alone, with the sole purpose of rejoicing in the little things, of understanding what is in store for us in this new September, and of always finding a reason to raise the glass.



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