“Roads are for enjoying the journey, not for reaching your destination”

Before a global pandemic locked all of us into the houses, sometimes the need to travel was so urgent that instead of organizing, planning, choosing every detail of what to see when and how, my two best friends and I decided to let fate choose.

Or rather at the web site flykube[1] .

Having determined the dates, we waited with excitement and emotion to find out where they choose for us. The funniest part was that we didn’t know what to pack, because the destination would be communicated to us only 48 hours before the day, and so we try to guess the wheatear. Because it must be said that we chose to go in November, one of the coldest months of the year, with competing the coldest destinations in Europe.

And so, two days before the flight, all us three received an email with the details: next stop BRUSSELS.

I state that before this email from Brussels I only knew two things:

1) it is the seat of the European Parliament

2) it is famous for its chocolate and beer

Therefore, we packed the last things in our suitcase – with more criteria – and left without any expectations, only with the desire to have fun and enjoy our time together.

Who would have thought that we would have discovered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe?

Brussels is a little gem, full of places to see and foods to taste. Despite being small, it has three cultures that meet and clash (German, French and Belgian) and for each of them there is a different way of speaking, a particular food and places to visit.

I start immediately by saying that in 3 days of travel we were unable to find the Parliament, it must have been the cold, the tiredness, the disorientation, I don’t know, I just know that despite being one of the most important places in the city, no one was able to point us to via direct and wandering wandering we discovered something else: food above all.

Because Brussels is the home of street food, you cannot fail to taste a waffle and french fries, which you can find in every corner of the city. Federica and Anna in order not to hurt anyone, have tasted them practically everywhere!

Not to mention the chocolate, pralines, waterfalls, chocolates !! We arrived in the paradise of gluttons, and I am not greedy at all, but one day I had lunch with a box of pralines. Impossible to resist! Especially after that a master chocolatier explained us the creation in all the details and sent us on the tour of the best chocolatiers in Brussels.

With chocolate they were able to recreate anything, from the Atomium to the Manneken Pies, from musical instruments to famous people.

We went to visit the Europe in miniature, discovering with great disappointment that there is no Rome among the cities reproduced, an unforgivable. But only for a couple of minutes, because  we had so much fun taking pictures here and there – choosing new destinations to put on the wish list – in the rain that everything took a back seat.

Maybe I wouldn’t recommend it in November, since at a certain point it felt like I was breathing ice and I feared my lungs would freeze, but it is one of those cities that we forget and underestimate, and instead it deserves a lot.

And if the company is the right one, it becomes even more beautiful!

I want to go back, for the best beer I’ve ever drunk, for the monuments, the people, the colors, the flavors and to see it with a milder temperature, possibly, and this time also to go to Bruges, but above all to find the Parliament … .

[1] https://www.flykube.com/it


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