“Save Fantasy, Save the World!!”

I have always loved superheroes, the idea that there are extraordinary people who can do unspeakable things for the rest of humanity. It especially fascinates me when the powers of these supernatural beings come not from distant planets or nuclear radiation, nor from animals or poisons, but from themselves. From evolution. From that 70% of our brain that we do not use and that perhaps, who knows, could hold the key to transformation.

Through The Mirror

(the recipe is taken from an Expo2015 cookbook)


Ingredients for 2 Okonomiyaki

For the dough:

– 300 grams Flour
– 2 eggs
– 400ml of water
– Head cabbage to taste
– Bulldog sauce
– Prepared for Okonomiyaki

For the dressing

“Okonomi” means “whatever you want”, and that’s why we can indulge ourselves when we prepare this dish, trying new versions for each new episode! It is an excellent dish to help us empty the refrigerator.
For a fish-based okonomiyaki we will use cuttlefish, shrimp and octopus, while if we want to make a meat-based okonomiyaki we will use beef carpaccio and pork belly.
Just before serving the okonomiyaki, add some tonkatsu sauce.


We mix the flour with water, clean the cabbages, cut them very finely and add them to the dough, then add all the other ingredients cut into small pieces.
We mix until we get a…

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