“Desire for a change…”

I decided to change my look.

But since between budget and time I can’t go to the hairdresser even in the yellow area, I’ll do it again on the blog
New fonts, new theme, new colors….
how about?

There are actually many things that I would like to change right now.

I’m in smartworking.

Many think that people work less. Maybe for some, yes, but in my case it means being one with the PC, asking permission to pee and go on milk.

I would like to travel.

I think that’s the absolute thing I miss the most.

Seeing friends without looking like surgeons ready for surgery on a patient.

more simply, I would like to leave the house without being afraid.

But I can’t.

And sooner or later, when I have time, desire and inspiration, I will write articles about it |

In the meantime… I hope you are well, and I make the change here.

Then if I can also do that to the hair I’ll add a photo…!

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