“Just… WHY?”

and…here we go again :((((

Through The Mirror

Today I woke up with a polemic streak, maybe it’s raining outside, it’s gray, it’s Saturday but it seems like an eternal Monday, or an eternal Sunday. I have lost track of time. Of space. Of me.

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A bit of normality is back, which then, let’s face it, but who wants normality. I certainly don’t. I want adventure, passion, travel, desires, unexpected events.
2020 has decided to grant only a long series of unforeseen cards, one worse than the other, which, re-reading Dante’s hell in comparison, seems like a health walk.

Because when you experience something on your skin you know, it hurts twice as much.
Maybe it looks even worse than it is.

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Who knows.
The fact is that in these six months there have been many of those disasters that could be enough for a lifetime.
Today, however, I feel controversy over a return to normality that I…

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