“Let’s play a GAME”

Isolation is what I perceive the most from this book. And it was nice to read it by the sea, surrounded by the sun, the waves, the happy people, and still feel the sense of anguish and loneliness of Ellie / Smudge … With Sia’s tormented voice * as the soundtrack …

Have you ever felt this way?

Through The Mirror

“Have you ever been afraid of being trapped in someone else’s life?”


Having read this sentence, I was already virtually conquered. By now it i should be clear that I read everything but I have a predilection for thrillers, especially those with a psychological basis.

The identity loss is a theme that I particularly like and I think that is the reason why I follow the TV series Orphan Black with such passion. And for the same reason I was unable to separate myself from reading,“Beside Myself“, the fictional debut of the English Ann Morgan.

Two twins and a game that is as simple as it is dangerous: swap for a while and see if anyone notices that.

I believe that any homozygous couple has done it at least once, perhaps to avoid an interrogation, to test friends, or simply as a joke.

A game.

Nothing more.


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