“Cookies, Regrets and Time Travel”

A very special TV series, made up of small but fundamental life lessons in each episode. Love, family, work, friendship… Every relevant aspect of life is perfectly illustrated in an often-ironic key. Linked to all the disasters in the life of this aspiring editor, our troubles will seem…

Through The Mirror

The first spring out of university, I found myself unemployed and in arrears with so many of those TV series that I decided I would do before starting a new one. So, wandering around the web looking for advice, I came across what would become the ultimate push to look for a job: Being Erica.

It might sound negative, like “it was so disgusting that I preferred to go and lock myself 8 hours in an office”, no, absolutely. On the contrary. Erica is a somewhat unsuccessful girl, with a big dream: to become a writer who in the meantime tries to make ends meet by being an editor.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Her life is completely upset when the whole collapse of her sentimental, economic and working life she decides to end it but before she can really try the insane gesture she meets an elusive therapist…

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