“COLD CASE: Nobody can escape the past”

Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris – In the mind of the serial killer) is a young detective on the Philadelphia homicide squad; after having demonstrated great skills in solving a crime that had remained unsolved for many years, he decides to accept the proposal of his captain to enter the cold case section, which specializes in investigating crimes that have remained pending for many years and of which the perpetrators do not they still have neither face nor name. Each episode is dedicated to a different case: the episodes begin with a flashback set in the year in which the crime took place.

Through The Mirror

A few summers ago, before streaming and series on the internet, there were reruns on TV, and I’m not talking about the Jurassic, but from the early 2000s. Very rarely did some new product arrive, punctually blasted at absurd times of absurd days in the height of summer, which I always wondered if they were bettors or simply self-sabotaged on purpose.

Why do you have to explain to me why TV series like Friends, Ally McBeal or ER (I MEAN E.R. !!!!), were put on in August at 2.00pm!

The same fate happened to a TV series that fascinated me a lot, which began with my parents during their lunch breaks from the beach in the summer of 2006; I don’t even remember where we were and why we all went on holiday together, but I remember perfectly well that the atmospheres, the cases, the music and the colors of…

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