“About New Moon”

Some of you will remember it, about ten years ago the vampire fashion was at the top, especially the glittery ones. Now, as an avid fan of bad and bloody vampires, I was a bit perplexed, but all the people who read Twilight recommended it to me, so I fell for it, to the umpteenth … Continua a leggere “About New Moon”

“The Fitzek’s Therapy (with Chocolate)”

https://youtu.be/xanCvQysRgc   My friends and I for some years have got into the habit of making a "wish list" for the birthday and for Christmas, in order to be sure to make and receive only what we like, but above all to not collect spares. In my 2016 list there was a book that I … Continua a leggere “The Fitzek’s Therapy (with Chocolate)”