Quarantine. In fact, forty[1] days have passed, and apart from the two times I went at the supermarket or to throw out the garbage, dressed halfway between a robber and the witch,, I spent the time at home. #StayHome #staysafe I miss traveling so much like water in the desert. I miss work more than … Continua a leggere “Time”

“Sometimes the only way to stay Sane is to go a little Crazy”

The feeling that this book has left me is the desire to move on! To overcome the small and big difficulties of life, because making a small mistake is enough to interrupt it.

Through The Mirror

“In a strange way we were free. We’d reached the end of the line. We had nothing more to lose. Our privacy, our liberty, our dignity: all of this was gone and we were stripped down to the bare bones of our selves” [1]

tumblr_mstgxp6uui1si0eu0o1_500I do not often see the film first – beautiful, exciting, attractive: I highly recommend it! –and then look for the book from which it is taken, but in this case it would have been difficult to find it, because “The girl interrupted” was for years in the psychology department, being more than a novel, a real diary of the author and of her broken up years. It is almost ironic that it has been misunderstood as a genre because it is precisely what happened to the protagonist. At seventeen Susanna Kaysen, after a short visit from a doctor she had never seen…

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“Grazia, Graziella and … «In search of the lost soldier» “

I have already told you that I have found one of the notebooks-diaries of the adventures of three high school girls who for privacy reasons and for any complaints we will call Grazia, Graziella and okay, the third one is me, of course ... There are plenty of stories to tell, but for shame reasons … Continua a leggere “Grazia, Graziella and … «In search of the lost soldier» “

“That time I found myself engaged …”

It has happened to everyone (I guest, at least) in life to have a partner saddle up despite there being categorically nothing tender. The reasons are the most varied, from the most logical: you are very friends and others misunderstand; to the most absurd: that person likes someone who, to justify his failure, convinces himself … Continua a leggere “That time I found myself engaged …”

“DOMINO Effect”

https://youtu.be/xcWOviMI6Lk Some journeys are more beautiful than others, some journeys are evoked with more pleasure than others. This is not the case with the trip I took with my parents to go to Calabria many summers ago. Blocked on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria for 12 hours, we risked bouncing the holidays, stressed, hot, tired, it was … Continua a leggere “DOMINO Effect”

“Bagel, Coffee, Lawyers and the Big Apple”

There was a time, towards the end of the school, when I had half an idea of being a lawyer. The divorcee, to be accurate. It seemed like a safe job. A profession accepted by the society and above all lucrative given the exponential number of separations! But then the idea of studying Latin for … Continua a leggere “Bagel, Coffee, Lawyers and the Big Apple”

“The adventures of Grazia, Graziella and…”

December. Month of emotional balances and concerns. Of old and new worries. Good intentions, sweets, gifts and spicy perfumes. And of cleaning. The time has come, I cannot postpone it, I am piling boxes of "I'll put it in its place tomorrow" that soon I will be overwhelmed and become a protagonist of "buried in … Continua a leggere “The adventures of Grazia, Graziella and…”

“The Revolt of the Machines”

  Technology hates me.And this is an incontrovertible fact.If there is a chance to put me in trouble, it will not miss the opportunity. By then, however, it had always been limited to breaking the eggs into the basket with an electronic device at a time. For example a couple of months ago the cell … Continua a leggere “The Revolt of the Machines”