“THIRTEEN good reasons to read this story”

FUN FACT: there are two versions of the novel in circulation with two different conclusions. The original, in which (as in the TV series) Hannah is effectively dead. And another sweetened by the publishing house in the first draft, as she believed that a suicide was too disturbing for the audience they wanted to sell the book to, and so in the end Hannah was in a coma, but she wakes up. And everyone has a second chance.

Through The Mirror

“You never know for sure what kind of impact each of us can have on others. Often, we don’t even realize it. And yet, this impact does exist. “[1]

Reading a book in the days of Netflix, Nowtv, Sky, Mediaset Premium, Amazon Prime and company has become complicated.

Not only because the convenience of sitting passively in bed to let the show scroll through episode after episode killed that bit of new readers’ desire to actively turn the pages (we diehards are a race apart, neither e-book nor anything else will be able to never replace the scent of paper, the pleasure of sneaking ears on the pages, or the utility of throwing the book at someone who allows himself to criticize the reading!), but above all because in the last year they have come out almost entirely films and series based on books. So why, the naive ask…

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“Let’s play a GAME”

Isolation is what I perceive the most from this book. And it was nice to read it by the sea, surrounded by the sun, the waves, the happy people, and still feel the sense of anguish and loneliness of Ellie / Smudge … With Sia’s tormented voice * as the soundtrack …

Have you ever felt this way?

Through The Mirror

“Have you ever been afraid of being trapped in someone else’s life?”


Having read this sentence, I was already virtually conquered. By now it i should be clear that I read everything but I have a predilection for thrillers, especially those with a psychological basis.

The identity loss is a theme that I particularly like and I think that is the reason why I follow the TV series Orphan Black with such passion. And for the same reason I was unable to separate myself from reading,“Beside Myself“, the fictional debut of the English Ann Morgan.

Two twins and a game that is as simple as it is dangerous: swap for a while and see if anyone notices that.

I believe that any homozygous couple has done it at least once, perhaps to avoid an interrogation, to test friends, or simply as a joke.

A game.

Nothing more.


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“That time I found myself engaged …”

At the time I didn’t even realize how dangerous this behavior could be, fortunately it wasn’t for me, just embarrassing. But hearing everything that has been happening in recent months I realize how lucky I was that he was just a little eccentric and not a crazy stalker!

Through The Mirror

It has happened to everyone (I guest, at least) in life to have a partner saddle up despite there being categorically nothing tender. The reasons are the most varied, from the most logical: you are very friends and others misunderstand; to the most absurd: that person likes someone who, to justify his failure, convinces himself that he is with someone else, with you, in particular.

Once I was given up for go together with a guy I didn’t even know except by sight, vaguely, just because he often happened to catch the bus at the same time. Another time, however, I felt asked how my cohabitation with my boyfriend was going ….

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Usually these rumors are not harmful, at most they could be a problem if the person you really like thinks you are already engaged with someone else, but once silenced and clarified that the gossip is false everything…

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“To write is a dangerous job”

When the winter storm subsided at 4 in the morning, I was only a few pages away from the conclusion. <> I wondered. I remember collapsing with the book in my hands, having had troubled dreams and that when I woke-up I had decided never to read such books again.

I finished it the next night, and didn’t keep my promise, I read about it, thriller, noir, horror; but still today Anne Walkes remains one of the most chilling women who come to visit my nights from time to time.

Through The Mirror

It’s Winter, full night, the sky has decided to come down in buckets while lightning and thunder are breaking down. A sudden drop in current almost makes me scream, I can barely keep from running into my parents’ bed as I did as a child. But it is certainly not the storm that terrifies me, it is the book that I am reading in one breath in the weak light of the lightshade in the grandparents’ house that creaks and rasps and already makes me anxious. I started the book a few hours earlier, but I can’t get away from it, despite the cold, the sleep, the anguish that is rising up page after page.

I had already read Stephen King’s novels, but usually given the eternal description of every detail, even the most useless, I never found myself anxious  Not even when I read IT, except in a couple…

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“A Soundrack for llaF”

In that library I found a book that still remains one of the most poetic I have read, sitting on the big carpet eating strawberries out of season, I found myself in Vienna, between violins and loves, between music and passion

Through The Mirror

(the recipe is mine)


Ingredients (4 – 5 people):
– strawberries, g 600
-sugar, 60 g
– lemon, 1/2 (the juice)
-liquor, 1 small glass (of the type you prefer)
– fresh whipping cream, 300 ml
– icing sugar, g 40
– 120 ml of peach juice
– 4 glasses of prosecco


Quickly wash the strawberries under running water and put them to drain. We remove the stem and cut the strawberries into small pieces.
We put the strawberries in a container, preferably glass, add the sugar, the juice of 1/2 lemon and the liqueur
We mix very gently, then cover the container with a lid or kitchen cling film. We put the strawberries in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
We take 120 ml of peach juice and mix them with the prosecco, then set aside in a cool place.

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“Pork Ribs for the nuclear Apocalypse”

Kansas Style Pork Ribs(the recipe is a reinterpretation of my mother, Mena of a recipe taken from Expo2015) Ingredients for 4 people-4 slices of pork ribs-2 and ½ cups of brown sugar-1 small onion, finely chopped- 3 cups of water- 1 cup of tomato paste- 2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar- ¼ cup of molasses- … Continua a leggere “Pork Ribs for the nuclear Apocalypse”

“A Melancholy Kite”

The French writer Victor Hugo wrote of melancholy which is "the joy of feeling sad". It could be defined as the desire, at the bottom of the soul, for something that one has never had, but which one agonizingly misses. https://youtu.be/vjQ95fwQsIs “She said, 'I'm so afraid.' And I said, 'why?,' and she said, 'Because I'm … Continua a leggere “A Melancholy Kite”