“Six-hundred Seconds”

That’s how I found this little precious book. Fearing that I was wasting my time (and reason) behind a window wet with tears of Heaven. “Ten minutes long”, a title that immediately catched me. A title that was necessary for me.

Through The Mirror

The rain falls slowly, almost bored of having to do so, on the window glass from which you can see at times and blurry the others’ lives. Is it for duty or pleasure that the neighbour is taking out the dog despite the cold? Is it because he loves his pet to the point of getting pneumonia? Or because his house is tight and maybe needs to run away, at least a little. Just for a while.
And the girl who cries at the bus stop, what is she thinking of? Had she lose a lover, a friendship? Or maybe she just got a bad score and does not want to admit it to her family for fear of ruining her Christmas holidays?

26_ Per dieci minutiThe music continues to do its duty and composes a perfect soundtrack to cover the thoughts. Or at least it tries to do so.

Did I buy…

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“The Murphy’s Law”

Have you ever had one of those days when everything begins wrong without a good reason? ThoThosehse days when you get up out of your bed, whisk the little finger against an edge, the glasses fall and get scratched, when you pour the milk all out of the bowl, and discover that there is an … Continua a leggere “The Murphy’s Law”

“God save us from Cupid”

I’m  absolutely certain about three things: that men and women are from different planets , that Cupid is a bastard and that all the good foods make you fat .  The first conviction stems from the fact that after 21 centuries of forced cohabitation on the Earth , men and women don’t have established a … Continua a leggere “God save us from Cupid”