“Let me introduce you the Pearsons”

In short, for me family means love. Unconditional. Without tags, color, sex, blood.

Through The Mirror

Family is a very complicated issue. Should not. In reality it should be very easy to define a family as a nucleus of people who love, support and create problems for each other …

However, this is not always the case, there are those who are tied to tradition and those who have caught up with the concept of “extended family”, those who have had to deal with it and those who pretend that nothing has changed.

For me, the family is not made up of blood or tradition. It is made by the people who have raised me in my life. With severity and affection.

It is made by my mother who prepares the broth for me if I’m sick even if I’m more than an adult. From dad who makes me fill up the car to make me feel safe. From my brother who shares with me this…

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“«Three dollars » and the scent of Spring”

What could I do with just three dollars? I wondered. Sure, I don’t have a son or a husband, but there’s still a paltry three dollars left.

Through The Mirror

I’d like to get more books from libraries, but I can’t because the book is like a dear friend to me and I can’t put it back on some stranger’s shelf, thinking that maybe they might treat it badly. So I tend to buy them, but the shelves are what they are and sometimes they overflow and while waiting to stock up on new ones I certainly can’t stop reading! Hence, it rarely happens that I borrow titles.

Borrowed books are different from the others, because they carry the past of those who have read them before: whether it is for a crumpled page, or for the slightly deformed paper edges, for a note on the side, for the movie ticket as a bookmark, a coffee stain, a smudge where a crumb has fallen … they reveal something from the previous reader, something intimate …

A loaned book is a…

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“DOMINO Effect”

The prettiness of the audiobook was being able to dip yourself completely in the story but at the same time being able to comment on it with others. Stopping when a point started a discussion, silencing us when the plot solidified.

Through The Mirror


Some journeys are more beautiful than others, some journeys are evoked with more pleasure than others. This is not the case with the trip I took with my parents to go to Calabria many summers ago. Blocked on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria for 12 hours, we risked bouncing the holidays, stressed, hot, tired, it was a real nightmare. Once we arrived in the village, it didn’t even get much better because I hated the holiday villages with the entertainers who were always feignedly happy, with the thousands of activities they force you to do, even if you had to relax a little …

I was a teenager therefore in the “I hate everything and everyone” phase, but let’s say that even today I don’t prefer holiday village. I love to take the breaks as I say, at my own pace, and with my needs!

Anyway, those damned 12 hours were…

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“See Naples and die”

The smell of fried food. If you were to ask me what I identify Naples with, before the sea, the warmness, the fish, the pizza, the alleys, the poetry, the music, the people screaming from window to window. I would say the smell of fried food. Naples is my second home, having almost the whole … Continua a leggere “See Naples and die”

“Keepers, Erebon, soup and beer”

the final book is coming….

Through The Mirror

When someone I know writes a book it’s a problem. Yes, because it could be the masterpiece of the Century, but more likely I might not like it, but knowing the author, I face the dilemma: “should I be ruthless and tell him/her? Or should I play along with it?

Working as a freelance editor, I have to capture every flaw before every merit (and there are a lot in a book! Both: flaws and merits), so I get always a bit confused  when someone I know tells me that he has written a book.

And if this person is my brother, and if, besides making me read  a preview he also asks me to check it then the question becomes epic.

My brother has always been a great little genius, so I never had doubts that the book was well written and the plot was fluid.

But would I…

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” To Luke’s, for Hamburger & Coffee”

Personally, I grew up with this show, when it came out in 2002 I was sixteen … now I’m thirty … it’s easy to understand that now Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Sookie and the rest of the country, are part of my life, my family! So, I must admit , every time it is on tv, I find myself rewatching it, so much so that I could recite line by line some of the episodes.
And every time I watch an episode I get very hungry!!!

Through The Mirror

Is there any of you that never heard this theme? I can’t believe it, it’s impossible!
Willy-nilly it happened to everyone of us to listen to it and maybe even humming it, since on TV they give the replicas of “Gilmore Girls” one day in one day out!
Whether it is summer or winter, with rain, snow or the sun, it is in the schedules! A guarantee equal only to “Murders she wrote” and, despite this, every time it succeeds to make a share to envy the news around, despite we know all the jokes by heart we continue to watch the show, cause Stars Hollow is always a second home, you can’t avoid to fall in love with Jess[1](or Dean, or Chris, or Luke, or Logan, depends on your #ship) and remain glued to listen to the fast dialogues of the protagonists. Impossible to resist the…

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“A Saturday afternoon with Bonita Faye”

I was about 11 years old; I was bored because I had already finished the new horror book in the series, I was crazy about; my father came to me and handed me a “grown-up” novel <read it, you’ll like it >.

If there is a person I trust in everything (especially when it comes to reading) it is my father, so I took this book, and without even asking him what it was about, I sat on the floor with my back against the radiator (habit that I still have today …) and I started it.

Through The Mirror

“After all, I killed only once every forty years. I had time to die, before the urge returned.”[1]

Saturday afternoon in October, uncertain weather, neither hot enough to play outdoors, nor so cold as to want to take refuge inside, that weather that makes you go around dressed like a fool with snow boots and a tank top, so to speak.

romy-and-michele-nothing-to-wear-gifI was about 11 years old; I was bored because I had already finished the new horror book in the series, I was crazy about; my father came  to me and handed me a “grown-up” novel << Read this, you’ll like it >>.

If there is a person I trust in everything (especially when it comes to reading) it is my father, so I took this book, and without even asking him what it was about, I sat on the floor with my back against the radiator (habit…

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” Apple Pie & Crystal Shoes “

the perplexed girl who lived in the boot, prepared the apple pie * in honour of Grimilde, here transformed into Regina

Through The Mirror

Once upon a time, in a boot-shaped wasteland, there was a girl perplexed by the fact that although they were inept and a bad example for little girls, the princesses of fairy tales always defeated the villains. […] This perplexed girl, growing up, had become more and more team-villains and she wanted alternative versions in which characters like Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar or Grimilde finally got the victory […] Desperate, the perplexed girl thought there was no hope, until one day her team-villains friend invited her to start a new TV series in which the Evil Queen had defeated the Heroes by blocking them in a city without time and without reminiscence, making them live like regular mortals in which she was the only one with the The Dark One  aware of the truth.

giphyFor three seasons Once Upon A Time was a real relief, because despite the Villains were…

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