“Let me introduce you the Pearsons”

In short, for me family means love. Unconditional. Without tags, color, sex, blood.

Through The Mirror

Family is a very complicated issue. Should not. In reality it should be very easy to define a family as a nucleus of people who love, support and create problems for each other …

However, this is not always the case, there are those who are tied to tradition and those who have caught up with the concept of “extended family”, those who have had to deal with it and those who pretend that nothing has changed.

For me, the family is not made up of blood or tradition. It is made by the people who have raised me in my life. With severity and affection.

It is made by my mother who prepares the broth for me if I’m sick even if I’m more than an adult. From dad who makes me fill up the car to make me feel safe. From my brother who shares with me this…

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“Lunch with Felicity”

“Felicity” gave the impression that college was a wonderful place for meetings and network.
After three years with the same people, and two others ahead, it looked like heaven! Not that I was not happy with my class, at least with part of it, but the image of American colleges is always idyllic and makes me want to go not so much to join classes (almost always unjustified absent) but for the dormitories, the refectory, the everyday jobs, the study groups (which did everything except studying).

Through The Mirror

<<I trust you, Felicity. This is my drama: for better or for worse, I always believe in you.>>

When I used to come back from high school starving, I often had to wait for my brother to  return, hence to avoid eating the plate and the tablecloth, I used t turn on the TV hoping there was something decent that could distracted me. Of course, lunchtime was my mother’s turn to choose what to watch, but from time to time she let us select the series provided it was something she liked too. That’s how I started watching “Felicity”.
It was the end of May, the school luckily was almost at the end but that meant classroom work in a burst, so the idea to get out of that nightmare and start the university where – naively I thought – I could handle all my time, was a real relief.

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“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” -ENG

"How many awards is this TV series winning? I see it as a candidate everywhere! ""Awards from critics or the public?""That's the shocking thing: both![1]""Wow! We must start it then ""Wait, it gets better""What?""It is taken from a book: The Handsmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood""The same Atwood as Alias Grace ????""Yup""Tomorrow I'll buy it  !!!" … Continua a leggere “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” -ENG

Classics: “1984”

 “Winston Smith: Does Big Brother exist?O'Brien: Of course he exists.Winston Smith: Does he exist like you or me?O'Brien: You do not exist.”― George Orwell, 1984 Let's face it for some years now if we hear the words "Big Brother", we associate them with the famous reality show and no longer with Orwell's masterpiece ...Many people are certain … Continua a leggere Classics: “1984”

“Pirožki, Jail and Freedom”

“If you have pirožki in your bag, it means you are not alone. Someone loves you. " Red's Pirožki(the recipe is taken from an Expo 2015 recipe book) Ingredients for the dough (dose for about 50 pirozki) -1 kg of flour-250 ml of semi-skimmed milk-35 gr of yeast-2 eggs-150 grams of sugar-1 sales teaspoon-200 gr … Continua a leggere “Pirožki, Jail and Freedom”