“See Naples and die”

HER MAJESTY PIZZA is what I miss the most. Hot, hot, full of real and succulent mozzarella, served on the sea, a dream!

You can find it a portafoglio, fried, classic, gourmet. She is the true Queen of a city without masters.

Through The Mirror

The smell of fried food.

If you were to ask me what I identify Naples with, before the sea, the warmness, the fish, the pizza, the alleys, the poetry, the music, the people screaming from window to window. I would say the smell of fried food.

Naples is my second home, having almost the whole family settled in its towns, yet it still manages to surprise me.

When I was little, every memory associated with the city was related to food, because I always went there for ordered holidays: Christmas (fried cod!), Easter (pastiera!). Or for birthdays, weddings, baptisms and other similar breakups. And there was always plenty of food to feed the army and their families!

Woman starts cooking at dawn, and if you walk around the center early in the morning, you will smell the scent of ragù, meat, cuoppo, which is one of the 7 culinary…

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