“Stand by Me – the book”

„I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, did you?“ — Stephen King, book The Body

Through The Mirror

Nomen omen, the Latins said. And like it or not, Stephen King is the undisputed KING of a literary genre halfway between thriller and horror.

I think I’ve read almost all of them, from IT to Misery, from The Dome to Carrie through The Green Mile

„And I wonder if there is really any point to what I’m doing, or what I’m supposed to make of a world where a man can get rich playing “let’s pretend“ — Stephen King, book The Body

The Nights of Salem or The Dream Catcher (which left me and my mother very puzzled about some choices and today we still wonder if he wasn’t under the effects of acid while he was writing!).

I had never read the short stories though. So two summers ago I decided to make up for it, taking the collection DIFFERENT SEASONS, discovering only after that I had chosen…

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“Never order shellfish on the First Date (or any date)”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a question of taste: shellfish are delicious, but they’re the number one enemy of convenience.

Through The Mirror

My friend N. hadn’t been out with a guy for so long that she bought a litter box, which would not have sounded so dangerous in itself if it weren’t for the fact that N. is allergic to cat hair and once almost got killed at a friend’s house with two handsome Persians.

Allergy GIFs | Tenor

So I did what a good friend should never do: I arranged a date for her with a friend of a friend.

The credentials were there, according to my friend E., but it is always better to check in person, so I first organized a group outing involving the guy. From my careful analysis the guy did not seem to be too bad, his appearance was pleasant, his language colorful but never extremely vulgar, he didn’t have any food worries, he had a moderate passion for soccer but was aware of the existence of trillions of other…

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“IZombie, Fried Brain and … lots of laughs!”

I recommend you watch it with friends because the life of Liv and her groups is full of adventures to comment on, starting with my favorite part: every time she eats a brain, she takes on the personality of its previous owner. So, we will see her serious and studious, or alcoholic, or brazen or shy. And these sudden personality changes take the narrative to a level of great performance for actress Rose McIver and pure enjoyment for the viewer.

Through The Mirror

Since I have Netflix, I have started to diverge a lot in the choice of TV series, if with generalist TV I was in fact a bit forced to choose between teen drama and crime, now I have any genre at my disposal.

So, while the infernal heat was imminent since June, I looked for something different, funny but also with a good plot, and with a length that was not excessive (like GOT“Power, Seduction, Wine… other Wiiiine!!!) but not even minimal (like New Girl).

So, I saw the iZombie icon by chance, and I must say I was very skeptical. The zombie stories are not exactly my favorite ones, because they tend to duplication and refer to each other, so watched one, watched all! Furthermore, a few months earlier I had tried to watch The Walking Dead with my friends Federica and Anna with very poor…

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But whoever gives away a book intentionally is building a bridge, a pact of trust. Therefore I tend to give away only novels that I have read and that really made me think of that person to whom I decide to give it.

Through The Mirror

“Those who have started dying never stop doing so”

Alessandro Baricco,Emmaus

Risultati immagini per give a gift gif

When a person gives away a book, they need to be very careful. We enter the depths of the person we want to give it to, we go and say to this person “I know you, I know you will like it because …”, and at the same time we reveal a little about ourselves. From the choice, from the dedication, from the packaging. It is a long exchange of silent emotions.

I know that many people give away books by hearsay, or fashion, or at the last second or the one with the most captivating cover, the best price or both.

But whoever gives away a book intentionally is building a bridge, a pact of trust. Therefore I tend to give away only novels that I have read and that really made me think of that…

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“A New Girl has arrived in the 4D apartment (every man for himself)”

The smell of waffles coming from the neighbors led me to get out of bed and react, Jess encouraged me to go out and look for the positive side of a season that could seriously kill me every year. And in hard times I do a re-watch of the funniest episodes telling myself that having huge eyes and a good girl face too, I will be able to have everything in life, like Jess. And like her I will continue to protest anyway!

Through The Mirror

* Waffles with Berries Top
(the recipe is from my English friend, John)

new girl

Ingredients for 4 square waffles:

-90 g of flour 00
– ½ teaspoon of vanilla baking powder
– 40 g of sugar
– 1 egg
– 30 g of melted butter)
– 95 ml of milk
– a pinch of salt
– vanilla

To garnish:

– powdered sugar
– berry topper


In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, yeast, a pinch of salt while in another bowl mix together the egg yolks with sugar, melted butter, sifted flour alternating milk, baking powder and vanilla. We turn well until the mixture is homogeneous and without lumps. Gently add the whipped egg whites to the batter, with a movement from the bottom upwards so as not to disassemble the mixture and transport everything in a jug to dose the mixture. We turn…

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“Welcome to Wayward Pines, your final resting place …”

“Don’t try to leave.

Don’t talk about the past.

Don’t talk about your previous life.

Always answer the phone if it rings.

Work hard, be happy.

Enjoy life in Wayward Pines”

Ps. Seasons are 2, not 3 as we thought

Through The Mirror

Winter, armed with fleece blankets and freshly brewed coffee, my friend Anna and I go to the computer in search of some new and exciting TV series. We chatted, we arranged the room, we also went out for the classic walk in the village, now we deserve to relax in the warm warmth of four walls.

We watch different TV series at the moment, so we have to rely on the news.

What kind? Good question!

“Don’t try to leave. Don’t talk about the past. Don’t talk about your previous life. Always answer the phone if it rings. Work hard, be happy. Enjoy life in Wayward Pines”

We read this header next to the photo of a mature Matt Dillon surrounded by dark and creepy characters. We look at each other. We nod. We are convinced.

And that’s how our adventure started with one of the most disturbing series on…

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“That time I found myself engaged …”

At the time I didn’t even realize how dangerous this behavior could be, fortunately it wasn’t for me, just embarrassing. But hearing everything that has been happening in recent months I realize how lucky I was that he was just a little eccentric and not a crazy stalker!

Through The Mirror

It has happened to everyone (I guest, at least) in life to have a partner saddle up despite there being categorically nothing tender. The reasons are the most varied, from the most logical: you are very friends and others misunderstand; to the most absurd: that person likes someone who, to justify his failure, convinces himself that he is with someone else, with you, in particular.

Once I was given up for go together with a guy I didn’t even know except by sight, vaguely, just because he often happened to catch the bus at the same time. Another time, however, I felt asked how my cohabitation with my boyfriend was going ….

Girl What GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Usually these rumors are not harmful, at most they could be a problem if the person you really like thinks you are already engaged with someone else, but once silenced and clarified that the gossip is false everything…

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“Desire for a change…”

I decided to change my look. But since between budget and time I can't go to the hairdresser even in the yellow area, I'll do it again on the blog …New fonts, new theme, new colors….how about? There are actually many things that I would like to change right now. I'm in smartworking. Many think … Continua a leggere “Desire for a change…”