” What was I supposed to do? (Dory’s memory)”

Until I have removed that I am dating a person. Romantically.

Said that sounds horrible, and maybe a little bit it is, but it was just a moment, a bad game of the mind. Approximately. I think. Probably.

Through The Mirror

Everyone forgets things: the clothes in the washing machine, the food in the microwave, the keys on the desk, the shopping in the car, the dentist’s appointment …

Most of this forgetfulness are harmless (apart from the gas, we all pay attention to those thanks!), It is that our mind has to process an infinite series of information and often we happen to be so focused on the immediate future that we do not pay attention to what is happening to us now, right in the present.

How many of you lose their train of thought while they are talking? Or do they leave for a room in the house but when they get there, they no longer remember what they had gone to do?

It happens![1]

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On Thursday, for example, I forgot the keys in the lock, and luckily, I realized it before doing damage. Once, years and…

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“In my Shoes” – eng

It is really true that before judging you should… put yourself in his SHOES!

Through The Mirror

There is an English saying that I have always liked. When someone wants to mean that they should put themselves in their clothes, they say “put yourself in my shoes”. It’s not very different, yet it is. Because it is one thing to put on another person’s clothes. It is one thing to put on your shoes. Shoes are the part that wears out the most, by dint of walking in them. And they come in all shapes and colors, comfortable and uncomfortable. Of fascinating and painful…. And even if it is a metaphor, at times, we should really take it literally, as I once did….

A long time ago, when I was still a young university student, I happened to know one of the most annoying representatives of the Y chromosome in my personal history.

Assigned to the same study group by a professor unaware of the abject being…

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“Transfer syndrome”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I really think I have to do something about it, because either I start dating only guys who have always wanted to move and can’t… becoming their darling. Or I risk being the founder of a bad abandonment syndrome.

The transfer syndrome.

Any advice?

Through The Mirror

At first I thought it was a nice coincidence.

Then, always a coincidence, but a little less nice.

Now I’m starting to seriously think that I have some sort of anathema launched by some gypsy or by Cupid himself, because for a calculation of probabilities, what is possible in your opinion that all – and I mean all – the guys with whom I start a slightly more serious date , suddenly have to move?

It all started when I was in my second year of university, my big push and pull decided to visit me in Rome (a long-distance story was already starting) to tell me that he has enlisted and will soon be transferred to Iraq. There and then I thought he was making fun of me, but he instead invited me to the oath and to the airport, where I didn’t go. And when he returned…

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“Are you friendzoning me?!?!”

Through The Mirror

Let’s speak out , the friend zone is a social evil that is advancing silently without mercy . It has indiscriminately hit men and women, adults and teenagers, reality and fiction, and the symptoms are different and therefore recognising them is very very difficult.
For those who do not know what the friend zone is, let me enlighten you:

tumblr_mw3582lbxw1t09u03o3_500-1424891256Like exponential diffusion, it is difficult to recognize. This is mainly because the communication between men and women has always been complex, no one has yet managed to encode a language that translates immediately from “female” to “male” and vice versa; communication in writing, as happens more and more often with social media (fb or twitter) or with the old dear sms, whatsapp and email, between the two sexes is risky .

9c3d7c37-637c-4721-ad7a-386d03119c50In the era of globalisation, it is increasingly more common to exchange contact details with foreign people and…

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“The sender”

I have been thinking for a while that boys are divided into two general classes - within which we can obviously find different and varied nuances - That Poor Unfortunate (also called TPU) and the One Who Makes Us Beat The Heart (abbreviated as WHB). We don't like TPU. WHB we do. Easy and painless … Continua a leggere “The sender”

“The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part III

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“The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part I

Today I saw Cappellino Viola - I know, what a stupid name! But the first time I met his green eyes he was wearing this senseless purple hat and not knowing the name, class, age ... he got this nickname. I haven't seen him for so many years that I didn't identify him for a … Continua a leggere “The First Love is never forgotten… ( but which?)” – part I