“Thirty-three theories and no certainty”

“The division between past, present and future has only the value of an obstinate illusion”

Through The Mirror

Accustomed to American, English and more rarely Italian TV series, I must say that the idea of a German product did not thrill me … especially given the previous ones such as “Derrik” or “A case for two”. But, it must have been the choice of the soundtrack[1]., the plot[2], the continuous comparisons with LOST, or simple curiosity, I gave in. I prepared frankfurters and sauerkraut * to get in the mood, I uncorked an EKU 28, and I spread out on the sofa bed with the first episode of DARK[3].

And then the second one, and then the third one and then the fourth one….

Only at 3 in the morning, when my eyes were asking for mercy, I managed to detach myself from this psychedelic drama of a thousand mysteries!

Time travel. Trivially I could say that the main theme is this…

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“Is better if you don’t end up on the Red’s BLACKLIST”

The Blacklist follows a serial case, with a criminal to be thrown in jail every 40 minutes, but it is the horizontal development that really keeps the viewer glued to the screen to follow Reddington’s plans at the same time, which is far from clear; the double life of Elizabeth’s husband, Tom; Elizabeth’s own past, all full of mysteries.

Through The Mirror

Almost three years ago, I was in a famous book and DVD store on Via Nazionale in Rome, wandering among the shelves looking for something to give to my brother for Christmas, some DVDs with special Marvel inserts maybe, or another fantasy saga, when my eye falls on a dvd of a tv series with James Spader, one of our favorite actors. I read the plot: His name is Red Reddington and he is one of the most wanted criminals in the world. One day he turns himself over to the FBI and offers his precious “black list” of names to track down terrorists hiding in the United States. The only condition: he will speak only with Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, the agency’s new hire.

Why? What happened so extraordinary that made a fugitive return to the place where everyone wants him dead?

And I’m convinced. I’ll take it!


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“Secrets can drag you down!”

It’s a theatrical novel, it’s like taking part in a murder mystery dinner, where you know for sure that everyone plays a part but you can’t immediately understand who lies better or more. And who is actually not telling lies at all: he simply believes that that is the truth.

Through The Mirror

“Yes, it is. It’s, like, when someone has an affair, why does the wife always hate the other woman? Why doesn’t she hate her husband? He’s the one who’s betrayed her, he’s the one who swore to love her and keep her and whatever forever and ever. Why isn’t he the one who gets shoved off a fucking cliff?”
― Paula Hawkins, quote from Into the Water

60_dentro l'acqua

I think this can be defined for me as the Summer of thrillers, which is definitely one of my favorite genres, but I usually leave them for the winter, wrapped in blankets and with a nice hot chocolate to comfort me. Instead, this time I was attracted by the beach, by the calm sea and the wind almost totally stationary to have a good feast of high emotional tension.

Isolating myself from the brave few who were under the sun below the 38…

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“To write is a dangerous job”

When the winter storm subsided at 4 in the morning, I was only a few pages away from the conclusion. <> I wondered. I remember collapsing with the book in my hands, having had troubled dreams and that when I woke-up I had decided never to read such books again.

I finished it the next night, and didn’t keep my promise, I read about it, thriller, noir, horror; but still today Anne Walkes remains one of the most chilling women who come to visit my nights from time to time.

Through The Mirror

It’s Winter, full night, the sky has decided to come down in buckets while lightning and thunder are breaking down. A sudden drop in current almost makes me scream, I can barely keep from running into my parents’ bed as I did as a child. But it is certainly not the storm that terrifies me, it is the book that I am reading in one breath in the weak light of the lightshade in the grandparents’ house that creaks and rasps and already makes me anxious. I started the book a few hours earlier, but I can’t get away from it, despite the cold, the sleep, the anguish that is rising up page after page.

I had already read Stephen King’s novels, but usually given the eternal description of every detail, even the most useless, I never found myself anxious  Not even when I read IT, except in a couple…

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“Chi ha ucciso Laura Palmer?”

Probabilmente le generazioni più giovani non sanno di cosa sto parlando, ma dovrebbero.
Tutti dovrebbero!
Appassionati di serie tv o di mistery, amatori del surreale, intenditori di shippaggio selvaggio, è un prodotto che riesce a catturare tutti, e merita di essere guardata e ri-guardata fosse anche solo per il merito di aver fatto da apri pista[4].
L’occasione è perfetta: l’arrivo della terza stagione, consente un binge watch delle prime due, con una cofana di caffè americano (anche se lo detesto) e l’immancabile “cherry pie”.

Through The Mirror

Sarà perché a breve uscirà la misteriosa nuova stagione[1], ma mi è venuta una gran voglia di rivedere Twin Peaks!
Non so cosa aspettarmi da questo ritorno a Twin Peaks[2], ma sono decisamente curiosa di scoprire cosa ha in serbo per noi quel genio di David Lynch![3]

Chi non conosce LA serie tv per eccellenza? Il prodotto che ha cambiato per sempre il palinsesto televisivo…
Quando uscì, nel 1990, il mistero della morte di Laura Palmer fu un motivo di dialogo necessario, niente di quello che c’era in TV all’epoca era in grado anche solo minimamente di avvicinarsi a quella commistione di mistery, soap opera e cinema d’autore che, facendo anche leva su un astuto tormentone tanto semplice quanto intelligente (“Chi ha ucciso Laura Palmer?”), si era incuneato nelle case di tutto il mondo e aveva indotto ignari astanti a scontrarsi con incubi e follie di…

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“One by One…”

The skill of showrunner Jeffrey Bell is right here: since there is a killer who can be hidden anywhere, whenever there is a mysterious situation, Bell moves our focus on a different character, thus making us lose the thread of our investigations. In fact, it is impossible not to get carried away, trying to realize first of all who is killing all the participants in Henry and Trish’s wedding, on Harper’s Island

Through The Mirror

There was a time when streaming was still a kind of distant mirage and to which only the computer experts could access; a time when private networks were so expensive that they were elite, when Netflix or Nowtv didn’t exist. A time when, in short, you had to settle for what was on the “non-pay” TV.

And it is at that time, September 2009 – in record speed for the time considering that it was aired on CBS in April !!! and usually it took at least a year for the dubbed version – that Rai Due in a moment of unexpected lucidity aired Harper’s Island every Sunday evening at the end of the summer, putting in agreement viewers who are passionate about thrillers, those who are passionate about Agatha Cristie -style detective stories , and horror fans.

Because this series, which already promised to be unique and effective from…

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“Three writers: One story”

And having so many genres inside, it is a novel suitable for everyone, it can excite for the poignant love story, for the mystery, for the betrayed friendship, for the inspiration that does not arrive. In an interview the author stated that with this book he aimed to get on his readers the same effect that the TV series Homeland had on him (series I will talk about!):
“You watch one episode, then another, then you start doing stupid things like watching four in a row at night so you can’t work the next day … My ambition was to achieve the same result with a book”

Through The Mirror

” ‘In our society, Marcus, the most admired men are those who build bridges, skyscrapers, and empires. But in reality, the proudest and most admirable are those who manage to build love. Because there is no greater or more difficult undertaking.’”[1]

Perhaps 779 pages are too many, he could have cut here and there and a great thriller would have come out anyway, yes, maybe the writing is still a bit unripe and the twists and turns are abundant but too isolated towards the end.
All reproaches that are easily found around and that made Joel Dicker[2] the perfect alter ego of the protagonist of his novel: Marcus Goldman, a young and successful writer who finds himself trapped in the writer’s block after the first success. Reading this book was like reading several books at the same time.Not only because it is a combination of different…

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“Castle, Pizza and Beer”

It’s not the classic TV crime series because the murder, it’s just a pretext to plunge into the life of Castle and Beckett, and for a fast pace, or for jokes and weird theories, which instill good humor in the spectator. Another very funny peculiarity is that in bookstores you can find the “real” novels[2] of Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion – the actor who plays the protagonist – said that the author of the novels appears in the episode in which the new book is presented, so it is rumored that it is Tom Straw, screenwriter and sit-com author, but there is no official confirmation

Through The Mirror

castle Katerina Graphic

I know, conventionally, people on Saturday night go out, but – excluding the nights of the shows – when it becomes cold (so from October to March more or less) I prefer to dedicate Friday to social life and on Saturday to burrow myself under a blanket, with pizza *! I wait the all week to be able to enjoy pizza on Saturday, it is now a habit and when it is violated due to force majeure, I get a big sadness.

tumblr_mzetbo8qbk1s30a57o1_500For years I have been associating pizza with beer[1], and at the pizza and beer night, I associate Castle because in the Italian programming, it is always showed in the early evening that day.


Richard Castle is a famous writer struggling with a writing block, whose life is upset when a killer begins to kill by taking inspiration from his novels. Therefore he  starts…

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