At the end of this reading, I had two thoughts well impressed in my mind: I am very proud of what I do to the extent that I can, and Dear Jesus, please do not give up on humanity even when it deserves it …

Through The Mirror

” “Be good.” Every time God thinks about the marvelous simplicity of that sentence, his unique and original commandment, another thought automatically takes over: that asshole of Moses. What kind of arrogant dickhead throws the one commandment he has been given down the toilet and pulls out ten invented from scratch? “[1]

At the end of June, the Einaudi promotion arrived in the bookstore, when placing it on the relevant shelf a cover leaps to my eye: a smiling and winking Instagram Jesus on a red-orange background. The title “The second coming” is a nice provocation and considering that it is next to tomes of a certain socio-political importance it makes me laugh. It intrigues me. I read the plot. I read the opening words. Irreverent.

I’ll put it back.

Three days later I take it back, I read the first five pages. I laugh. I cry. I ponder.

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“Shameless drama and laughter”

There is no doubt that this is one of those TV series that you love or hate, there is no middle ground, or you become passionate about the dramas of the Gallagher family and their wacky neighbors, you learn to laugh with them and find bizarre solutions. to every problem; or the TV turns off on impulse with a feeling of latent shame.

Through The Mirror

August is one of those months when if you live in the city, you risk going crazy.

August is that month so hot that any method is acceptable to cool off: even doing the ice-challenge or a more homemade variant …

Personally, on days too busy to go to the beach and really too hot to even go out and run to the pool, I shoot the fan at speed 3, put my feet in a basin of water and salt, in one hand junk food and ice-cold beer, and remote control in the other for a Shameless marathon.

I must admit that the first time I watched this TV series I felt very uncomfortable and I couldn’t even finish the episode, in about fifteen minutes I witnessed violent scenes, explicit sex and a cacophonic language to say the least. .

I therefore excluded her from my list of TV…

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“mom is always Mom”

Still one of the best.

Through The Mirror

“Mum” is, according to statistics, the most common word in the world, the first word that children pronounce, sometimes replaced by “poop”, and more rarely “daddy”. It is, if you are lucky like me, the person who will always stand by you, the one that does not matter how many times you will fall she will always put you back on your feet, she will cook for you the best foods and admonish you without ever getting really angry. The one that even if you are thirty, rolls the covers if you’re sick, the one that buy you a gift from time to time and never ask for anything back, she will give you herself.

I repeat, we must be lucky!
Because  I have seen around a lot of dysfunctional mothers, from the mother-friend who grows up her daughter as a kind of younger sister and creates a very…

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“Once upon a time (and still)”

Once upon a time, in a boot-like land there was, a perplexed girl who wondered why, despite being inadequate and a bad example for little girls, princesses of fairy tales always defeated villains.

Through The Mirror

Once upon a time, in a boot-like land there was, a perplexed girl who wondered why, despite being inadequate and a bad example for little girls, princesses of fairy tales always defeated villains.

Saved Aurora, a poor little girl that has been relegated to live with three naughty “aunts” at the confines of civilization and banned from the Realm when it would have been enough to say to her images“Dearest you have been cursed because we are so foolish that we did not invite the most powerful witch of the Universe to your baptism, so stay away from the archers! >>, and instead, she is ignorant and confused, like every adolescent we know, as soon as she can, she tries to get away from the boring life she leads; And his brave Prince Philip, who, after all, gains his glory, riding in the trenches and defeating the…

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“A necessary defect “

“Fault! Asperger’s isn’t a fault. It’s a variant. It’s potentially a major advantage. Asperger’s syndrome is associated with organization, focus, innovative thinking, and rational detachment.” [4]

Through The Mirror

<<Since then, I must have given The Rosie Project to at least 50 friends. Graeme has been busy too, writing a sequel called The Rosie Effect. As soon as we heard about it, Melinda and I asked him for an advance copy, and we enjoyed it so much that we invited Graeme to come to Seattle to talk to us about it.>>

 I don’t usually trust the reviews of others about books, but if Bill Gates is careful to dwell on the book to all his friends and write reviews everywhere, this a intrigues me quite a bit:

Don is a professor of genetics at the Melbourne’s University who recently made an incredible discovery: married men are on average happier than single men. This is why he decided, as a scientist, to change the fact that he doesn’t have a partner and he never managed to find one in a project: The…

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“The girlS on the train”

September is a strange month, it is the ninth of the calendar year, however, it is a month of beginning. The school starts in September, the work after the holidays starts again in September, the new projects, the diets, the sport, the exams, the medical visits, the tv series! Everything seems to have entered forcefully … Continua a leggere “The girlS on the train”