“Home is where you eat the best foods”

This book is consoling, like a warm broth in the early autumn cold, like a cover against a cold, like a wet patch on the forehead burning with fever; brings to mind the lunches from Sunday in which all the relatives gather to eat with passion baked pasta, second courses of rabbits, chickens and fillings, succulent delights

Through The Mirror

There is always a spinster aunt in the family, usually. If I continue at this rate, the next generation could be the one to represent the category …

49_ le tre minestre

Even if today, we say single.

The spinster aunt, usually, can be of two types: A) the one who cooks in the kitchen for all the grandchildren, taking the place of a third grandmother, who never knows which table she belongs to, who knits and takes over the whole family and who always tells the usual four journeys of when she was young…. Or B) the wanderer who is always around the world, returns only to the holidays that are always commanded with new stories and new gifts.

Here, I hope to be at least the type B.

For a while I had one on each side, maternal and paternal, then when everyone had lost hope, both prototype A and B found…

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