“The Chinese and the Crocodile”

Grab a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a good dose of whipped cream, the right soundtrack * and immerse yourself in this harrowing and extraordinary story with an unpredictable ending and noir atmosphere.

Through The Mirror

Winter. Roll neck, hot mugs, good dishes and comforters. Fireplace. The snow. Chat with friends in front of board games.

I always imagined that I would spend the winter like this in my personal house. I don’t know if I thought I was becoming a millionaire or just as a good screenwriter I let myself be carried away by fiction, because I live in my own home, winter is coming, but I not only don’t have a fireplace, nor rooms for everyone, but I will work about 12h at the day so I doubt I’ll want to prepare delicious banquets or play after dinner …

It would be nice to have a life Friends style where you live together, work occasionally, spend your free time together and despite this you also have time to have different love relationships and not; but the reality is a little closer to Grey’s Anatomy

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