“Too many lies, Too many truths”

COOKIES OF PUMPKIN AND COOKED APPLES(the recipe is from my English friend, John) Ingredients for about 20 biscuits-1 Quince-150 g Pumpkin (weighed without peel)-300 g flour- powdered sugar-100 g Butter-1 Egg Yolk-1 Vanillin sachet Preparation First we peel the quince, cut it into cubes, cut the pumpkin into pieces and steam both for about 10 … Continua a leggere “Too many lies, Too many truths”

“The truth will find you”

"The human brain is made up of approximately one hundred billion nerve cells connected to each other by more than one hundred thousand synapses. Individual thoughts are formed at an incredibly high speed, well before the mind can express them in verbal form "[1] Do you ever get "called" by a book? He is there, … Continua a leggere “The truth will find you”

“The difficult PATH to good”

Winter, apartment under renovation, there are homeless seeking shelter against sub-zero temperatures, the builder chases them away. He has to do it. But then he goes out quickly, comes back shortly after with a shopping bag and a couple of steaming sandwiches, goes to the homeless and leaves them everything. Is it the proximity to … Continua a leggere “The difficult PATH to good”