“Cookies, Regrets and Time Travel”

A very special TV series, made up of small but fundamental life lessons in each episode. Love, family, work, friendship… Every relevant aspect of life is perfectly illustrated in an often-ironic key. Linked to all the disasters in the life of this aspiring editor, our troubles will seem…

Through The Mirror

The first spring out of university, I found myself unemployed and in arrears with so many of those TV series that I decided I would do before starting a new one. So, wandering around the web looking for advice, I came across what would become the ultimate push to look for a job: Being Erica.

It might sound negative, like “it was so disgusting that I preferred to go and lock myself 8 hours in an office”, no, absolutely. On the contrary. Erica is a somewhat unsuccessful girl, with a big dream: to become a writer who in the meantime tries to make ends meet by being an editor.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Her life is completely upset when the whole collapse of her sentimental, economic and working life she decides to end it but before she can really try the insane gesture she meets an elusive therapist…

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“A Jurassic Journey”

The idea of ​​the writer is brilliant, we are not alone in front of an entertainment book, as reflections are raised and some issues are treated that make it even more interesting and profound and the message of the writer who warns us is very clear. on man’s unconsciousness in the face of money and power, while never taking sides against science, on the contrary, it simply warns us of a possible “dark side” in the search for progress.

Through The Mirror

“God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man brings back dinosaurs.”
― Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

1993, the doors of Jurassic Park are opened, a film that pushes adults and children into theaters, and which is still cited today as one of the undisputed masterpieces of director Steven Spielberg.

Crowds of spectators went to the cinema then, and crowds of spectators are looking for it in streaming to be able to savor it today.

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But how many of these enthusiasts know that the true genius, the one who created the park, the characters and above all the fabulous and mammoth dinosaurs is a writer?

And not a stranger, but the famous and brilliant Michael Crichton, also author of The terminal man, Timeline – At the edge of time and Next, to name a few, as well as the author and co-writer of one of my…

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“Welcome to the ‘Trial of the Century'”

Actualy, season 3 will be about Clinton’s scandal not Katrina.

Through The Mirror

* Tasty sandwiches
(the recipe is from my friend, Anna)


– 400 g of canned tuna
– 500 g of mayonnaise
– 400 g of raw ham
– Thin slices to taste
– Pan bauletto or other sandwich bread without crust


First, pour the tuna into a bowl, making sure it drains the oil, also crushing it with a fork to help the process. Once dry, add the mayonnaise and mix well to make the sauce creamy and without lumps. Once again we can help with the fork. Cut each slice of bread by two and spread the tuna sauce on top, then add half a slice of raw ham, half a thin slice and close with the other half of a slice of bread. We proceed like this until we finish the ingredients.
This simple but very tasty snack is suitable for the whole family, as a…

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“Forbidden to forget”

No, it is not a story set in the 1940s, nor under Franchism. The Scent of Lemon Leaves is a modern story, fictionalized enough to make it tolerable, but which reminds us how this plague has not yet been completely defeated. And although the scent of the lemon leaves in the title makes us think of a candid love story born in an orchard, in reality it hides the rotten stink of evil that camouflages itself as good.

Through The Mirror

Traveling by train is the perfect time for me to abandon myself completely to reading, the monotonous lull of the locomotive, the chatter of unknown voices in the thin corridors, are the perfect background to immerse myself into a literary adventure. And if the noises are too loud and annoying, as happens lately, with inappropriate phone calls or even more inappropriate fights, then you can arm yourself with the dear old faithful mp3 and find the right soundtrack *.

Trains are becoming faster and faster so I can hardly start and finish a book on the go as in the past, and I must admit that I miss it a bit. But on the journey to Venice a couple of springs ago, I managed to find a private seat and complete half of the novel I had brought with me, then finishing the second half on the return trip.


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“«Three dollars » and the scent of Spring”

What could I do with just three dollars? I wondered. Sure, I don’t have a son or a husband, but there’s still a paltry three dollars left.

Through The Mirror

I’d like to get more books from libraries, but I can’t because the book is like a dear friend to me and I can’t put it back on some stranger’s shelf, thinking that maybe they might treat it badly. So I tend to buy them, but the shelves are what they are and sometimes they overflow and while waiting to stock up on new ones I certainly can’t stop reading! Hence, it rarely happens that I borrow titles.

Borrowed books are different from the others, because they carry the past of those who have read them before: whether it is for a crumpled page, or for the slightly deformed paper edges, for a note on the side, for the movie ticket as a bookmark, a coffee stain, a smudge where a crumb has fallen … they reveal something from the previous reader, something intimate …

A loaned book is a…

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“Bagel, Coffee, Lawyers and the Big Apple”

The truth is that I had been highly influenced by the appearance, by the lustre that the profession has always had through the media, in which they are authoritarian, beautiful, very busy people, who deal with symbolic, important, difficult cases. No TV series has ever shown lawyers discuss the price of a repair in the condominium whatever.

Through The Mirror

There was a time, towards the end of the school, when I had half an idea of being a lawyer. The divorcee, to be accurate.

It seemed like a safe job. A profession accepted by the society and above all lucrative given the exponential number of separations!

But then the idea of studying Latin for other five years, discouraged me a bit, having seen a real civil trial, long, boring, absolutely different from the sparkling and adventurous image that the TV gave, it drove me to change direction.

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The truth is that I had been highly influenced by the appearance, by the lustre that the profession has always had through the media, in which they are authoritarian, beautiful, very busy people, who deal with symbolic, important, difficult cases. No TV series has ever shown lawyers discuss the price of a repair in the condominium whatever. Even in that…

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“Year of the Lord 1553_ Three Women, One Destiny”

Wish lists should be mandatory, especially for those with complicated tastes.
In my 2007 wish list there was “The Queen’s fool”, written by Philippa Gregory.

Through The Mirror

In Rome the name-days are not very popular, except for the major saints; but having both parents from the South of Italy, this anniversary was celebrated for years. Now, I have always been convinced that my mother created the date so as not to make me feel different from my cousins, with their traditional names well imprinted on the calendar, while I, Gioia, never had my Saint. Not that I ever cared, but considering that it is an extra gift during the year … why not?

“I have seen sights and travelled in countries you cannot imagine. I have been afraid and I have been in danger, and I have never for one moment thought that I would throw myself at at a man for his help.”
Philippa Gregory,The Queen’s Fool

The presumed date is March 13, Saint Euphrasia (which seems to mean joy in some languages).

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“Holi, Spices and Magic”

It was Spring – Spring is especially felt in India, the traditional Holi festival, known as the “Festival of Colours”, is held. Hundreds of people overflow into the streets and throw coloured powders at each other until they cover everything with bright colours made from flower petals.

Through The Mirror

A few years ago, with my friend Ilaria, we used to exchange books – a practice that you can only do with whom you really trust a lot, and which I no longer use today. –
Usually every two weeks. They cost so much and we only had pocket money available, so lend us the books was the only way to be able to read more.

In one of these exchanges, I gave her “The Mists of Avalon” to read, and she lent me Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s “Mistress of Spices” a novel with an exotic and mysterious air.

Magic was the common denominator.

But while the novel of Zimmer Bradley had a classical mythology, this is the tradition of Indian mythology.

The story of Tilo, the protagonist, is not obvious. From a heavy childhood and a somewhat proud character since childhood, she arrives on an island hidden from…

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