“Forbidden to forget”

No, it is not a story set in the 1940s, nor under Franchism. The Scent of Lemon Leaves is a modern story, fictionalized enough to make it tolerable, but which reminds us how this plague has not yet been completely defeated. And although the scent of the lemon leaves in the title makes us think of a candid love story born in an orchard, in reality it hides the rotten stink of evil that camouflages itself as good.

Through The Mirror

Traveling by train is the perfect time for me to abandon myself completely to reading, the monotonous lull of the locomotive, the chatter of unknown voices in the thin corridors, are the perfect background to immerse myself into a literary adventure. And if the noises are too loud and annoying, as happens lately, with inappropriate phone calls or even more inappropriate fights, then you can arm yourself with the dear old faithful mp3 and find the right soundtrack *.

Trains are becoming faster and faster so I can hardly start and finish a book on the go as in the past, and I must admit that I miss it a bit. But on the journey to Venice a couple of springs ago, I managed to find a private seat and complete half of the novel I had brought with me, then finishing the second half on the return trip.


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“Engine, Transformation…. Action!”

This “Prophet” so admired in the show obviously does not exist even if in the legend told by J.J. Abrams there is something true; such as the real existence of Pope Alexander VI and Adolf Hitler’s obsessive passion for the occult (the Reich organized Nazi expeditions in the most remote areas of mystical Tibet). Actually Milo Rambaldi is a good story invented by the writers. The surname was inspired by the Italian Carlo Rambaldi, the special effects artist who designed the alien protagonist of the film “E.T. l’extraterrestre” (1982). “Nostravinci” was not the name used by Hitler to indicate the prophet, but a simple composition of the names of Nostradamus and Leonardo da Vinci. In the story of Alias ​​the Rambaldi mystery is the key to the story in the events of the protagonists: to remember the “Page 47” which represents Sydney as the Chosen One who must follow Rambaldi’s word …….

Through The Mirror

Long before LOST, JJ Abrams had already produced two masterpieces, the drama-comedy Felicity and, with almost the same cast, the spy story ALIAS.

The plot immediately persuaded me, “Alias[1]” tells the story of Sidney Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner), a college student, who is offered a job within a section of the CIA, which she accepts, and that makes it operational in a very short time. After some time, and some missions, Sydney realizes that her father, Jack Bristow (played by Victor Garber) also works within the section, with whom she has never managed to establish a real father-daughter relationship … But not that’s all, apparently the section it’s part of, the SD-6 isn’t exactly on the side of the good guys… what’s the truth? And who know it?

Bradley Cooper came out of this show, if the plot hasn’t convinced you, maybe this news will. But…

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“Motore, Trasformazione…. Azione!”

Il numero 47, ha un legame importantissimo con Alias e in moltissimi episodi lo si vede apparire o in modo esplicito oppure nascosto in mezzo ad altri numeri. Il 47 inoltre si nasconde anche in mezzo ad altre ricorrenze: Il numero atomico dell’argento è 47e cercando delle iniziali che corrispondano alla sua abbreviazione “AG” troviamo riscontro in Allison Georgia Doren, il duplicato di Francie.
Se si sommano le parole dei titoli originali (in inglese) della seconda stagione si ottiene il numero 48 molto vicino al numero 47.
Se inoltre prendiamo ad esempio “The Telling” titolo originale dell’episodio “Il Dire” unendo le due parole si ottiene il numero 47.
Sommando le lettere dei nomi Sydney Bristow, Michael Vaughn, Jack Bristow e Marcus Dixon si ottiene il numero 47.
47 Sono i manufatti di Rambaldi.

Through The Mirror

Molto prima di LOST, JJ Abrams aveva sfornato già ben due capolavori un po’ meno conosciuti, il drama-comedy Felicity e, quasi con lo stesso cast, la spy story ALIAS[1].

La trama mi ha subito convinto, “Alias”, racconta le vicende di Sidney Bristow (interpretata da Jennifer Garner), studentessa al college, alla quale viene offerto un lavoro all’interno di una sezione della CIA, che lei accetta, e che la fa diventare nel giro di pochissimo tempo operativa. Dopo qualche tempo, e qualche missione, Sydney scopre che all’interno della sezione lavora anche il padre, Jack Bristow (interpretato da Victor Garber), con il quale non è mai riuscita ad instaurare un vero e proprio rapporto padre – figlia…

Ma non è tutto, a quanto pare la sezione di cui fa parte, l’SD-6 non sia esattamente dalla parte dei buoni… quale è la verità? E chi la conosce?

Da questo telefilm è uscito Bradley Cooper, se la trama non vi ha convinto forse lo farà questa notizia. Ma…

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