Classics: “William Shakespeare”

I understand a fury in your words / But not the words. — OTHELLO So: you are back. As every year. Not much can be done about it ... Which is not even your fault, you didn't choose to be proposed as the beginning of the end.You didn't choose to be a very long Monday. … Continua a leggere Classics: “William Shakespeare”

“I mean… JOB”

- What kind of job do you do? - I write ... - No. I mean by profession, in practice, how do you earn money? - Through a careful psychosocial analysis associated with scientific research, I try to study the emotions, languages ​​and behaviours of humans and to bring them back into an imaginary system … Continua a leggere “I mean… JOB”

“The &phemeral necessity”

  Dear reader, people like me who come out from the humanities faculties prepare themselves to jobs defined USELESS from 98% of the population: we do not save lives as doctors, nor build houses such as architects or engineers, we don’t remove criminals from the streets as the lawyers do (should do). We take care … Continua a leggere “The &phemeral necessity”