“The best thing I could learn”

Through The Mirror

ban-gif-life-goes-on-live-favim-com-906053From school I learned that what you really learn are not the times tables or important dates but being with people you do not know and you really care about too little (or too much);
From tales I learned that there are bad guys but you can boycott them;
From volleyball I learned that the individual is strong but it is the group that makes the difference, that no matter how Mother Nature made you, but how you  bring out your grit, determination, strength, tenacity! ;
From the theater I learned that the real actors are all under the stage and that the best masks are the ones we wear every day. That if you believe in something you can make it happen. ;
From the reading I learned that if you know more than others you’ll always be one step ahead, and you will avoid the commonplace;
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“The &phemeral necessity”

  Dear reader, people like me who come out from the humanities faculties prepare themselves to jobs defined USELESS from 98% of the population: we do not save lives as doctors, nor build houses such as architects or engineers, we don’t remove criminals from the streets as the lawyers do (should do). We take care … Continua a leggere “The &phemeral necessity”