“THIRTEEN good reasons to read this story”

FUN FACT: there are two versions of the novel in circulation with two different conclusions. The original, in which (as in the TV series) Hannah is effectively dead. And another sweetened by the publishing house in the first draft, as she believed that a suicide was too disturbing for the audience they wanted to sell the book to, and so in the end Hannah was in a coma, but she wakes up. And everyone has a second chance.

Through The Mirror

“You never know for sure what kind of impact each of us can have on others. Often, we don’t even realize it. And yet, this impact does exist. “[1]

Reading a book in the days of Netflix, Nowtv, Sky, Mediaset Premium, Amazon Prime and company has become complicated.

Not only because the convenience of sitting passively in bed to let the show scroll through episode after episode killed that bit of new readers’ desire to actively turn the pages (we diehards are a race apart, neither e-book nor anything else will be able to never replace the scent of paper, the pleasure of sneaking ears on the pages, or the utility of throwing the book at someone who allows himself to criticize the reading!), but above all because in the last year they have come out almost entirely films and series based on books. So why, the naive ask…

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“Stand by Me – the book”

„I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, did you?“ — Stephen King, book The Body

Through The Mirror

Nomen omen, the Latins said. And like it or not, Stephen King is the undisputed KING of a literary genre halfway between thriller and horror.

I think I’ve read almost all of them, from IT to Misery, from The Dome to Carrie through The Green Mile

„And I wonder if there is really any point to what I’m doing, or what I’m supposed to make of a world where a man can get rich playing “let’s pretend“ — Stephen King, book The Body

The Nights of Salem or The Dream Catcher (which left me and my mother very puzzled about some choices and today we still wonder if he wasn’t under the effects of acid while he was writing!).

I had never read the short stories though. So two summers ago I decided to make up for it, taking the collection DIFFERENT SEASONS, discovering only after that I had chosen…

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“Cookies, Regrets and Time Travel”

A very special TV series, made up of small but fundamental life lessons in each episode. Love, family, work, friendship… Every relevant aspect of life is perfectly illustrated in an often-ironic key. Linked to all the disasters in the life of this aspiring editor, our troubles will seem…

Through The Mirror

The first spring out of university, I found myself unemployed and in arrears with so many of those TV series that I decided I would do before starting a new one. So, wandering around the web looking for advice, I came across what would become the ultimate push to look for a job: Being Erica.

It might sound negative, like “it was so disgusting that I preferred to go and lock myself 8 hours in an office”, no, absolutely. On the contrary. Erica is a somewhat unsuccessful girl, with a big dream: to become a writer who in the meantime tries to make ends meet by being an editor.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Her life is completely upset when the whole collapse of her sentimental, economic and working life she decides to end it but before she can really try the insane gesture she meets an elusive therapist…

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“Forbidden to forget”

No, it is not a story set in the 1940s, nor under Franchism. The Scent of Lemon Leaves is a modern story, fictionalized enough to make it tolerable, but which reminds us how this plague has not yet been completely defeated. And although the scent of the lemon leaves in the title makes us think of a candid love story born in an orchard, in reality it hides the rotten stink of evil that camouflages itself as good.

Through The Mirror

Traveling by train is the perfect time for me to abandon myself completely to reading, the monotonous lull of the locomotive, the chatter of unknown voices in the thin corridors, are the perfect background to immerse myself into a literary adventure. And if the noises are too loud and annoying, as happens lately, with inappropriate phone calls or even more inappropriate fights, then you can arm yourself with the dear old faithful mp3 and find the right soundtrack *.

Trains are becoming faster and faster so I can hardly start and finish a book on the go as in the past, and I must admit that I miss it a bit. But on the journey to Venice a couple of springs ago, I managed to find a private seat and complete half of the novel I had brought with me, then finishing the second half on the return trip.


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“Five Years Ago…”

When I started the blog five years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. I had so many thoughts, so many stories, so many experiences, and it seemed nice to share them. Over time, many collaborators have joined, some with their advice, thoughts, experiences and stories. Others with a culinary contribution, still others with … Continua a leggere “Five Years Ago…”

“Just… WHY?”

and…here we go again :((((

Through The Mirror

Today I woke up with a polemic streak, maybe it’s raining outside, it’s gray, it’s Saturday but it seems like an eternal Monday, or an eternal Sunday. I have lost track of time. Of space. Of me.

Lost Feel So Lost GIF - Lost FeelSoLost IdenticalCrisis - Discover ...

A bit of normality is back, which then, let’s face it, but who wants normality. I certainly don’t. I want adventure, passion, travel, desires, unexpected events.
2020 has decided to grant only a long series of unforeseen cards, one worse than the other, which, re-reading Dante’s hell in comparison, seems like a health walk.

Because when you experience something on your skin you know, it hurts twice as much.
Maybe it looks even worse than it is.

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Who knows.
The fact is that in these six months there have been many of those disasters that could be enough for a lifetime.
Today, however, I feel controversy over a return to normality that I…

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“Desire for a change…”

I decided to change my look. But since between budget and time I can't go to the hairdresser even in the yellow area, I'll do it again on the blog …New fonts, new theme, new colors….how about? There are actually many things that I would like to change right now. I'm in smartworking. Many think … Continua a leggere “Desire for a change…”


One year.

Through The Mirror

You know, it’s curious that the moment you have plenty of time to write, you lose your words.

Because any word seems banal, already said, inexperienced, deafening, absurd, surreal. Like this pandemic.


I didn’t think I’d ever see one, lived one. Like many I felt in an era where pollution or digital would have been the enemies. The atomics. But a pandemic.
It looks like a movie and it’s not. And there is no end in sight. And you stay at home, you stay positive (no, I can’t do it much, let’s face it), clinging to the hope of common sense, of a cure, of an end. Of a new beginning.

And the words remain empty.

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