“Welcome to Hawkins, where the strangest things happen”

Beyond Winona Ryder’s skill, Millie Bob Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp (Will) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) exceptional skills, very young and already extraordinary! Every expression, joke, action seems so real that we completely forget that we are watching a fiction.

Through The Mirror

* Spiced potatoes with basil mayonnaise
(the recipe is from my dear friend, Anna)

Ingredients for the potatoes for 4 people:

-8 Red potatoes.
-150g Parmesan
-1 teaspoon of strong paprika.
-1 Teaspoon of dry rosemary
-1 teaspoon of pepper
-30g parsley
-Salt to taste
-50 ml Extra virgin olive oil

Ingredients for basil mayonnaise

-2 egg yolks
-Juice of half a lemon
-Salt and Pepper To Taste
-Extra virgin olive oil
-10 basil leaves

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Basil mayonnaise:

Pour the egg yolks into a bowl, add the salt and pepper, then begin to blend with an immersion blender, adding the oil slowly.
Once the mayonnaise begins to thicken, add the lemon juice too, but little by little and alternating it with the oil. Before completing, add the basil leaves, continuing to whisk, and a pinch of pepper.
Once the desired creaminess has been reached, transfer the mayonnaise to a glass jar.

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