Whooo arrreeee you????

For a while I’ve been thinking about starting a blog in which I would like to talk about books, TV shows, the fact that men are strange beings (but as women are even more weird sometimes), about how technology is taking power, changes in communication – because of this new globalised world; about how luck could be blind, but bad luck sees very well … and much, much more.
More than anything, it’s because I’ve realised that I tend to always have an opinion on everything – a little because I’m extremely curious and if I am not aware of something, I go to gather infoblogpresentazionermation. And … a little because I am an annoying control freak! – So I thought that I could put together my views, my thoughts, my passions and my ideas .., all in one place.

Someone pointed out to me, though, that prior to starting a blog and beginning to say, to do, to kiss, that I should introduce myself at least.“Writing article submission for the blog,” I put it on the agenda.

A month ago.

This morning, an episode happened that I wanted to share, and I realised that I could no longer put it off, so, pen in hand and lined sheet of paper (yes, I’m one of those who writes by hand and then types it up on to the PC), I said: “Whatever will it take? Throw down this presentation. “


Three hours later, as I continue to stare at the blank sheet, tapping the pen on the paper waiting for a revelation that will inspire me to write something meaningful, I started to feel more and more like Alice in front of the Caterpillar: tumblr_milkywpliq1rtbcrpo1_250tumblr_nkbo16stbk1s59h7xo1_250And I would give the same preposterous answer: 

But this time I do not give up!



Thus, assuming that “whocaresaboutyou” is a good life philosophy, probably (read ‘certainly’) of who am I cares little or nothing to anyone – however, to be polite, I tell you that my name is Gioia, class ’86, I live in Rome, but I still have to find a place to call “home” – and perhaps you might be interested in what I write.

I’m one of those people that the modern era giphydefine as a “bookaholic”

I consume three or four books per month, any type, colour and size. So you will always find some advice on what to read, in what season, in what mood and with which food to accompany it, oh and of course if that book matches better with wine or beer!




TV series.
I admit it: I am a “telefilm addict”. TV series in my life in a few years have gone from being a “hobby” to a “shared passion” to “I’ll write the final exam at university on them, because I’d like to make a career in the field” to “91af7-netflix2bneed” Here too, the tips are included: food, mood, drinks and company.


As much as I’d like to have a section in the journal about them and to be the new Carrie Bradshaw, in my life there is a bit too little “sex” and definitely too much “city” to be like her; But I think I have “studied them” enough to be able to gossip honestly about them.


Technology and communication.
That sounds very serious stuff, actually you should know that technology and I have a love and hate relationship. More than hate essentially. She (I know I should say it, but believe me, it is a she!) hates me. I tolerate her because it’s necessary. It’s complicated and definitely I will have to deepen, but the fact is that today we write on Whatsapp to say that we will meet on skype while we are doing a # on twitter; or we’re publishing on facebook to remember that we have sent an email. giphy1

Don’t’ get me wrong, I’m pretty sociable, I’m also starting a blog! But, if it were possible, I would go back to the old letters with stamps with saliva included. Because with this frenzy to communicate at the end we do not communicate anymore.


Other business.
The fact is that despite being a control freak, I tend to be impulsive and therefore something unpredictable could happen that leads me to write even outside the themes mentioned above. [wow I’m an impulsive control freak … is that definition even possible? ]

Well, if you have read this far and you are not one of my relatives or close friends, you are as weird as me and I thank you and hope that I will have the patience and discipline to post a minimum of once or twice a week, that we have fun together and can exchange views.

Any similarity to real events and/or real persons, living or dead is purely (not) coincidental.




P.S. Might it be that “blogsubmission ” meant a mini bio of three lines below the picture ?!